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Let’s look at the essentials!

As a specialist consulting and coaching agency, we help professionals
to reveal their talents and to unleash their full potential

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A coaching and consulting agency based on Connecting

It all begins with an eye contact, confirming one’s existence, revealing oneself and creating an alliance.
This eye contact is essential, and even when masked, to convey our emotions.
Eye Contact Int. offers you an exceptional Connection experience.

Our vocation is to allow the emergence of new individual and collective needs, and to allow each person to realise their full potential through a dynamic of collective intelligence.

Because we care about each person’s well-being, including their health and safety, we leverage emotional anticipation and regulation to harness the power of change.

Our holistic approach is based on the importance of connection, with oneself, with others and with the environment, all of which contributes to our development and helps us find meaning.

Hélène et Tara, Associées et Co-fondatrices

Hélène and Tara, Partners and Co-founders

“Without approaching someone other than oneself, it is impossible to know who one truly is.
Without encountering another, it is impossible to encounter oneself.”

Charles Pépin

Philosopher and Novelist

Your Requirements ….. ?

The connection with Oneself


  • Identity coaching
  • Self-esteem (image, love, self-confidence)
  • Emotional regulation
  • Motivation and transition
  • Health, physical, psychological and social well-being…

The connection with Another


  • Team building
  • Conflict prevention and management
  • Public speaking
  • Supporting internal mobility
  • Health, physical, psychological and social well-being…

The connection with the Organization and Environment

  • Overall vision
  • Face-to-face, remote & hybrid management
  • Co-development
  • Change management
  • Talent development and retention
  • Interculturality and expatriation…

For a customised service offer

Professional coaching for everyone!

Whether you are a business professional, a healthcare professional or a future worker, Eye Contact Int. can respond to all of your requirements!

Business professionals

  • President, CEO
  • Management Committees
  • Executive Committees
  • Human Resources
  • Directors, Managers and their teams

Healthcare professionals

  • Public hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Private non-profit hospitals
  • Medico-social establishments
  • Private practices
  • Home care and support services

Future professionals

  • Students: preparatory courses, competitive examinations, public and specialised elite universities etc.
  • High school students
  • College students
  • Young workers

The Benefits​

Putting people at the heart of everything!

  • Putting “the essential at the heart of the important”: Health, Safety and Prevention
  • Affirming a company’s vision and culture
  • Aligning a brand and its values: responding to the pursuit of value
  • Enhancing employee experience through new working methods and identifying training and support requirements
  • Developing and retaining talent

Within a context of accelerated decision-making


You, architects of change

  • Redefining working methods (face-to-face, remote)
  • Streamlining interpersonal relationships
  • Accompanying management to promote collective intelligence
  • Achieving an authentic and sincere communication, internally and externally
  • Rebuilding team cohesion for greater motivation

Our values





Our Commitments

We define coaching thus:

‘Professional coaching is the accompaniment of individuals or teams for the development of their potential and expertise within the framework of contractually defined and explicit objectives.’

… for an improved and more balanced personal and professional experience.

Our approach to coaching:

Compliance with SIMAC standards (Interprofessional union of support, coaching and supervision professions)
Membership of the ICF and EMCC federations, implying compliance with the Codes of Ethics, including:

  • Professional secrecy obligations
  • Zero tolerance policy as regards the exercising of any undue or abusive influence
  • Respecting the limits of professional competence
  • Establishing clear and transparent contracts with customers
  • Permanent supervision arrangements for coaches
  • Continuous professional development for coaches

A network of experts (psychotherapists, sophrologists, paramedical and medical professionals…)

Social and solidarity commitments:

As part of our support, we undertake to make a financial contribution to associations chosen by the client within supported sectors (businesses, healthcare, students)

About Us

The meeting of two areas of expertise: the avoidance and understanding of uncertainty,
as a driver for growth.

Canadian and French citizen, having also lived in Japan, I wish to invest my 20 years of international professional experience in Communication & Marketing, industry and service sectors in self-revealing coaching aimed at a better work-life balance.

Tara Leroux
Partner and Co-Founder,
Eye Contact Int.
Certified executive, career and business coach (Transformance Pro, RNCP 6
Process Communication Model® & Nonviolent Communication®)

+ 33 (0)7 67 70 89 53


Of French and Tunisian origin, having also lived in Morocco, I wish to use my 20 years of professional experience as a nurse and as a manager, in healthcare and business, as well as my expertise in change management, to the service of your needs and of your development.

Hélène Saidana
Partner and Co-Founder, 
Eye Contact Int.
Certified executive, career and business coach (Transformance Pro, RNCP 6, 
Nonviolent Communication® & The Human Element®)

+33 (0)6 95 48 46 86

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